Thursday, February 14, 2013


I took Tim from school for a doctor's appointment this morning and he somehow convinced me that it was unnecessary to go back for PE and tutorial (study hall).  So... good or bad (depends how you look at it) mom took him for ham and eggs at the Pig 'n Pancake.  It's not really so bad.  He does still have a nasty cold, and he is sitting at the table doing Spanish and English homework, to be followed by (gasp) opening his driver's manual for the first time, to start studying for his permit test.  My baby is eligible to drive in two weeks.

On another topic, I feel like I am growing my brain back.  It honestly feels as though for about four months I had no ability to focus, think, analyze, decide, create, finish (anything), absorb information, retain information.... you get the picture.  Slowly, slowly, things seem a little clearer and crisper.  Articles in the New Yorker are more appealing to finish.  People magazine seems as vapid as it really is (don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the heck out of it).  Maybe part of chemo brain is self protection.  Did I, in fact do I really want to fully understand and analyze my cancer situation?  I'd like to say yes, but the truth is, however frustrating that hazy feeling was, it was probably a kind of a gift.  I'm not all here yet, but I feel I will be.

Hopefully radiation doesn't set me back in this area.  I am not aware of any radiation-brain type side effect.  And so help me, if the radiation messes with the fuzz I am growing on my head I will be incredibly sad.  Growing hair from scratch is a pretty slow process, at least on my head.  What little progress I've made I do not wish to lose.

It is hard to believe that this whole experience has been happening for only five and a half months.  At other times in my life half a year was like the blink of an eye.  A darn successful Olympic triathlon at the end of July, two sweet weddings in August.... these seem a lifetime ago, or really someone else's life altogether.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling more confident of your cognitive processes. Just for the record, your posts have definitely been more New Yorker than People!
    Love, Audrey

  2. Your writing style never dimished! Just it was less frequent.
    Fuzz - good news. I have never heard of a problem with radiation unless it was aimed at the Brain, but yours is not!