Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You just never know what is going to happen...

Well, my counting has been wrong for a while.  It seems Dr. Kim forgot to tell me, yes, forgot to tell me, that I am having 33, not the 28 radiation treatments he told me I was having.  Apparently I am having the 28 and then five additional treatments to the lymph node area only.  So.  I will be riding to Longview through next Thursday, not tomorrow as I had thought all these weeks.  A small bump in my bumpy road, but yet another panic inducing quake to my already shaky ground.  It is amazing how changes (or not changes, just the plan I am apparently the last to know about) can throw a person off.

Anyway, another week of the van, and luckily Jon planned the SD trip a couple of weeks out from treatment so that is still post radiation.  Embrace the suck!


    I've been counting the days with you!
    At least it is only to the lymph node area.
    How could he have forgotten????


  2. OK, the count has changed, do not let it shake determined woman, it is not
    "embrace the suck", it is the safety net of doing 5 days on the lymph node site!!!
    SO, we rectify the count: SIX MORE DAYS!!! and we are all counting with you!!
    Love from all of us.

  3. Suck Embraced, 4 more days, then SD!! Hurray!!
    Yes, Dr should have made sure you were aware of the schedule, but,
    forget it....4 more days!!!

  4. Three More Days!!

    Love Nancy

  5. TWO MORE DAYS!!!!

  6. You'll be done by the time I see you on Saturday -- looking forward to both!