Wednesday, April 8, 2015


It occurred to me as I wrote the post below, I never did actually report that my scans in mid-March once again showed no radiologic evidence of disease.  This is not because it is not big and great news.  I suppose it's because, well, chemo brain?  General tiredness?  Not sure, but I'll report it now.

Special old-age-before-my-time bonus though - osteoperosis!  This is due to my abrupt chemo driven menopause, and steroids, of which I have taken my share.  Many of these steroids were alongside chemo infusions, but full disclosure, I have also taken my share for rheumatoid arthritis.  Yes, I'd love to blame cancer for everything, but for this one it's a hung jury.  I won't know what the tipping point was that got me to osteoperosis that requires treatment.  So, I'll be having an annual infusion of zoledronic acid (brand names Reclast or Zometa - I'll be getting the Zometa).  Terrifying possible side effects include the dreaded and horror-movie-named osteonecrosis of the jaw.  Apparently this one is more common when the drug is used more frequently as a treatment for bone metastases.

Anyway, happy news and per the phrase my husband's Aunt Sally coined for difficult traveling experiences, I'm Relentlessly Pressing On.

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