Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All good

Dr. Garreau was thrilled with my progress.  Though the scans do not tell her whether there is any cancer left, they do tell her that whatever is there, scar tissue, dead tissue, or cancer, is much smaller. She believes the surgery will go very well, and has only positive predictions about everything.  Surgery is scheduled for January 22nd, and the pathology results from it will tell us if there is to be radiation.

All that said, I cannot shake the anxiety of the whole thing.  I guess that is not surprising, since I do have cancer and all.  So, I will just continue to try to breathe deeply, be in really good shape going into surgery, and wait.  I liked that Dr. Garreau said that chemo is the worst part, much worse than surgery, so I'm glad I will have it behind me very soon.


  1. Wonderful news!
    What was your favorite fiction and non-fiction books for 2012.
    I selfishly miss your book reviews.

  2. You are doing great!! Deep breaths, one foot in front of the step at a time...
    and keep a good thought that your body has no cancer...and WILL NOT...
    Keep uo the exercise, helps keep you are doing great!!!
    I know how hard this is for you and your family....hang on, the worst will be over,
    and then a new rack!! 40DD's???

  3. SO great to hear of a good prognosis! I'll continue to keep you in mind, and celebrate!

  4. This is wonderful news! Truly!! I agree that the surgery is sure to be smooth and you will do great. I was up and about before I knew it. And your new rack will be awesome. I still can't get over mine and I never cared much about boobs to begin with :) Keep up the great work!! And congrats on this amazing milestone. I will be thinking of you, especially as you prepare for January 22. That's going to be a great day.

  5. Laura, this is the most wonderful news!!! And the fact that you're feeling anxious is completely understandable since your surgery is coming up soon. I felt incredibly anxious in the weeks before my surgery due to fear of the unknown. But a wonderful woman who had had the exact same surgery at the same hospital became my peer mentor...She answered my million questions, explained everything that would take place, and by helping to make the unknown more "known" made me much less anxious. And it's absolutely true: the chemo is much more dufficult than the surgery. A big hug to you. deb