Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tasmanian Devil

The pork was pretty good, but the movie was not.  Why do I continue to believe that a recent Will Ferrell movie might be good, and not just stupid, offensive, and, um... stupid.  Ah well, there are worse mistakes...  We have seen some good movies recently, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, and yes, Skyfall.  And on lonely weekdays, Homeland and Downton Abbey continue to prop me up, especially Homeland.  Just the right amount of stress and tension that belongs to someone else.  Perfect.

True to pattern, yesterday may have been the worst of it.  Three full days post chemo, when the steroids wear off and just the poison remains.  Today, I will head to the pool to try to get myself back to my "normal."

Last night, my sainted husband ( have I mentioned lately how sainted he is?) roasted a chicken and made the latkes.  I cannot remember a Hanukah where I did not make the latkes, and usually five to ten pounds of potatoes'' worth for friends as well.  Last night I just could not do it.  I peeled three potatoes and left the rest to Jon and Tim.  The great thing is they tasted really, really good, as nothing had all day.

I love how much my son loves holidays.  Hanukah's cool partly because of playing with fire every night, but he really takes them all pretty seriously.  He likes rituals, presents of course, he ate about twenty latkes, and he is gearing up to help Jon get a tree today.  I have always been neglectful with holidays.  Presents, cheeriness, decorating - not my forte (don't laugh).  But my husband and son take it on and Jon has never let any go by neglected.

I have gotten lazier and lazier lately.  I know it is a bit unavoidable, but I have no idea how the family would even be functioning if not for Jon.  He cheerfully does Everything.  I manage some of the dog walking and very occasional cooking, I have been seen sweeping a floor once or twice, but that is about it.  Everything else is him, and the kids, and friends.  I am also glad that Ani is so on top of her own life and obligations.  She seems to exist in a plane of ultra-responsibility, competence, and organizational skills that rival anyone.  So, I will attempt to let the holidays happen around me, eat some food, enjoy my humorous son and straightforward daughter, and my husband, like the Tasmanian Devil, making it happen.

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