Sunday, December 16, 2012

What to say

Well, since I last wrote of my paltry problems, like whether to run when it is raining, and how tired I felt, twenty families lost a child, and seven more famillies lost loved ones, in really the most senseless way I can possibly imagine.  I have two friends that have lost a child, in very different ways, but the bottom line in there is nothing worse than that, not breast cancer, or chemotherapy, or being bald, or even worrying about my own possible death.

My wonderful cousin, who I've mentioned here before, lives with her husband about seven miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School.  They have lived in Newtown for a long time. I am sure that like all of us, they did not imagine their town would ever be spoken of on a list that includes Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech...  It is a pretty New England town like the one in which I grew up, and now it is shrouded in shock and grief and sadness, and it will never be the same.

I am not going to write a diatribe about gun control, which I believe should have happened long ago.  To what end does someone own an assault weapon?  Our humanity, and the U.S.'s assumed status as a first world country is questionable to me, when we allow the potential for something like this to happen.  I am just going to say, as cliche and useless as it sounds, that my heart is with the parents and families whose children and loved ones are dead, and with a small town that will have to move through this somehow.

As far as my situation, just as a quick health update, this week I have felt better than I have felt in a long time.  I think that means I am at about 50% of my normal capacity, but I am not sure, as my normal self was here a long three months ago and it's hard to remember.  Tuesday I will have a routine visit with Dr. Raish.  Wednesday I will have a CT scan and and appointment with Dr. Garreau in Portland.  As routine as all that is supposed to be, the scan definitely causes some anxiety, and one way or another I will be happy when it is done and reported.  I think.  I hope.  Anyway, I will also visit the plastic surgeon in early January to finalize plans for my new rack.  And that is about all.

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  1. You said what needs to be said. What happened in Newtown is unimaginable. I keep thinking about the children, as well as the principal, the teachers who died trying to stop the gun man. Time to act in trying to redo the assault weapon ban and improved finances for mental health.