Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here I sit...

Well, I wrote most of a post and it disappeared.  Curses to the ipad keyboard.  This will be shorter and I will figure it out later.  It is pretty crowded in the little chemo lounge, though I will mention I am the only one sitting here with my buzzed, close to bald head exposed to the fresh air.

It is sunny out the big windows, I've got magazines thanks to Rachel (especially enjoyed Celebs and their Dogs).  I've got my phone and my ipad, snacks and a trashy NYC based mystery.  All pretty well.

The good news is that Dr. Raish measured my big tumor, which is, for better or worse very palpable from the outside.  Three weeks ago it was 6 cm in diameter and today 3 cm.  He mentioned that when you think volumetrically (which he does) the news is even better.  The lymph nodes feel quite a bit smaller and less defined, vague... which is good.  He also said the tumor feels softer, vaguer and less defined,  all to the good.

I am going to get a chest port either Friday or in two Fridays, which will administer the poisons through the larger vena cava rather than potentially destroying the smaller veins through which it is flowing as I type.

While Jon was sitting here he showed me a rejection email from the Bruce Springsteen people.  Unbeknownst to me he wrote and asked couldn't I come back stage, as I have CANCER.  While I would have been mortified, it was kind of a sweet try.    Jon has the curious and interesting trait of basically never ever being embarassed about anything.  Some of you are nodding your heads right now.

He also took me to Portland yesterday to visit the clinic's wig closet, oh joy.  I snagged a wig which wearing for more than 23 seconds caused me to want to open a vein.  I did snag a nice soft big bandana and a sort of cute hat, and bought one more scarf at a vintage place on 23rd.  I think I am either the bandana type or the commando type, which I need to practice doing gradually in more challenging places than the inside of my house or the chemo room.  It is just sooooo much more comfortable.

That is about the whole report today.  If I haven't mentioned our food brigade in a few days, this crowd bears mentioning every hour of every day.  It blows us away every single time.


  1. Yeah! I am so happy to hear your tumors are shrinking away from the chemo. What color wig did you get? Long straight blonde? Pixy cut red? I'm sure you could rock either one. Best wishes from all of us, every day. Julia

  2. Laura, when I learned that the chemo has already shrinked the tumor in half, I did a great big happy dance! This is SUCH fantastic news! (And shame on you, Bruce! I can't believe they rejected Jon's sweet request.)

  3. Really good news about the shrinkage, Laura. So happy to hear that. Hope you're sleeping well. Sending hugs from the east coast~

  4. Love the shrinking news!!! And can picture an in-embarrassed Jon!! Love - V