Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post chemo

Day two...  I seem to get two good days before feeling sick, so today I did a crap load of little errands, ran four miles, bla bla bla.  I am tired now.  Tomorrow I will attempt to motivate to walk with a friend at eight (!) complete with running back to the car.  And still hope to have energy for a lunch date at the Indian buffet.  That place is a real highlight.  I always crave it.  This is all part of trying to follow the advice of a friend who has been through what I am going through.  She said to accept offers of help and socializing, which I haven't been very good with up to now.   I am attempting to actually answer my phone, and (gasp) return calls, which I have not been too great about.  But see?  I have two dates tomorrow, after which I will need a nap but whatever.

Chemo was uneventful.  I did run into a friend in there who is also having chemo, and with whom I had been meaning to get in touch but hadn't.  It was nice to sit and chat with her, oddly comforting to talk with someone in my boat, though I do not, obviously wish for anyone to join me in this boat.  It is a shitty, scary boat, but I am making my adjustments in it.  I will write a longer post when I can think of something incredibly interesting to write about.

Oh yes, there is one thing.  I found the perfect head wear for a bald woman.  If you have a friend who is stuck with a bald head get her one of these.  Go to and search under women's headwear for a Buff.  There is a summer ( lightweight, coolmax fabric) as well as winter variety.  I opted for summer because my hats are so hot indoors.  It is a long tube of fabric, no seams, breathable, and all that, and if you watch the video at the listing a nice woman will show you a gazillion ways to wear it.


  1. always the fashionista, Snydly!
    love, Buzz

  2. I bought my friend Juliette a Buff - yes, they have them here in Cyprus if you can believe! All colors. Not sure she's sported it yet but that is probably due more to the amazing number of lovely scarves she pulls out on a daily basis. Yes, fashionista Snydley!