Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An actual update

I saw Dr. Raish today and he reported on the mri I had Monday.  According to the mri, the lymph nodes all look normal in appearance.  This is very nice news, though whether or not cancer cells are still present is yet to be determined by the post surgery pathology.  The larger mass in the breast is smaller, and still visible, though (I can't remember his technical term) unmass-like, more skeletal than tumor-like.  Again, there is no way to tell whether any of it is still cancer until the pathology comes back a few days after surgery.  So....  it is good news (nothing stayed the same, or grew, and nothing new apeared), with a grain of salt (we don't know exactly what any of it is).  Regardless of what it is, it will all be out of my body by mid-day on the 22nd and what it is or is not will determine whether or not there will be radiation following surgery.

And that is the news for today.  Aside from the slightly boring stuff of everyday life.  I am coming out of chemo sickness more every day.  I do not seem to be ending up on the couch by four in the afternoon this last few days.  I have been to Portland twice this week, once to see The Book of Mormon (totally awesome) and once for two cancer related appointments and a quick lunch at the Indian buffet.  I also went to St. Helens to watch a swim meet yesterday, and am heading back to Portland tomorrow.  This would all have seemed impossibly exhausting a week ago, so something is definitely shifting, and shifting nicely.


  1. Yeah. This is good news.
    Wow! You are suddenly doing a lot!

  2. Glad to hear of the pleasant tectonics (I'm being really witty with the shifting). I have your surgery date on my calendar, so will be sending energy your way. It was great to see you last Sunday!
    Love, Audrey

  3. Dear Laura,

    You have done amazingly well keeping your body strong, and how quick to
    recover from the Chemo and get out...alot!! Proud of you, keep thinking good thoughts
    and keep getting out and exercising.

  4. It's so good to hear this, Laura. Glad you're gradually gaining some energy back. You're such a good writer. I hang on every entry and am wowed by your words, your perspective, your humor and humility and mostly by your honesty. Jan 22. Wish I could blink and be there. You'll knock it out of the park...(or, in swimmers' terms, you'll blow 'em out of the pool).