Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jon Here as if you can't tell by my pedestrian writing style...  Laura and I go into Portland tomorrow for her 5:30 AM surgery check in on Tues. Jan 22.  The National Cancer Society has gotten us a hotel room for two nights as she will stay in the hospital Tues. night after surgery.  This week was supposed to be a good one for Laura, Chemo was a few weeks ago now so some of the worst side effects are disappearing and it was her last chance to swim and run for six to eight + weeks.  Well, as life is, she came down with a wretched cold Sunday and had a fever Monday and or Tuesday... But the fever was gone by Wed. so it seems like she will be healthy enough for the surgery.  Then just to make sure Laura is kicked while down, she woke up Saturday morning with her eyes all crusty and bloodshot and watering and ichy.  Mid day yesterday  Ani said that it really looked like pink eye so Lu went to Urgent Care and yup it was Pink Eye!

Thank goodness Ani said something cause with the drops, it feels better today.  After praising Ani on the our beautiful morning walk to the water today, Ani said look, it really wasn't hard to diagnose.  Her eye was pink and it is called pink eye...

Last night, I went to the Wet Dog Brew Pub where the Portland Timbers Captain Jack Jewsbury was doing a public relations gig and got his autograph and won a sweet way too big Timbers Rain Coat!!!  I had him sign the coat too!!!  Way fun!  Anyway, we all wish Lu felt better but at least we are moving along to surgery!

Ani is making GF cupcakes right now and there are a few fun football games on this afternoon to take our mind off things!  Go Patriots!!!!


  1. Thinking about you all for tomorrow and sending love and safe driving and all that. And you're right. Ani is brilliant!


  2. Deb Madden, your loving cousin :-)January 22, 2013 at 9:45 AM

    My prayers are with Laura today during her surgery. Please tell her I'm holding her close in my heart and that I'm there with her every second in thought, warmest wishes, and prayer. My love to you both, to Ani, and to Tim.