Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yes, I'm alive...  And even showered, finally.  Surgery went well, not fun, that's for sure, especially the part where you have vials full of fluids from your insides hanging off you.  Two of the drains came out today and the remaining two should hopefully come out Monday.  That will feel very, very good.  The pathology showed a very good response to chemotherapy.  25% of the large mass remains, and 2mm of cancer remains in one lymph node, after early scans showed four enlarged lymph nodes.  I had twenty lymph nodes out though, which hopefully will work out ok for me re: swimming and other fun things in the future.  The surgical margins were all clear and clean, so basically I'd like to think at this moment that I am cancer free.

Monday I see the radiation oncologist and will know more details about when and how much of that I am having.  It will be four weeks or six weeks probably, and is five days per week.  The radiation is happening because of the cancer, even the teeny bit, remaining in the one lymph node, and because a bit of the tumor hung on despite the chemo.  It is done to  take care of any potential "rogue" cancer cells wandering around in my chest.  It is the easiest part of this whole thrill ride, and the hard parts are pretty well done.

I have a ways to go to heal from the surgery and am still pretty much lying around taking pain pills.  My cousin left me her "Six Feet Under" complete collection after her visit, so I am pretty well set on tv between that and "Parenthood."  I know what Mia and I will be doing tomorrow.


  1. Hey Laura --

    Glad to hear from you directly (though we also appreciated Jon's updates)! I did think that they vial part sounded difficult -- glad to hear that it's soon over, and that things are looking fairly good. We talked about you tonight -- and missed you, of course -- at Book Group, all wishing you well. Joey is hosting on the 24th; I'll hope to seeing you then, if not before.

    Love, Audrey

  2. Love seeing that you are strong enough to write again.
    Maybe you might write some enticing TV reviews. I suspect that they would be as good or better than your book reviews which I miss.

    Did you see American Family on FX last night. (Think that is the name. I DVD'd it and will watch it soon.


  3. Got your inbox today, and I will call and leave a msg tomorrow. Don't pick up, certainly, if you can't/don't want to. Just x-ing and o-ing and wish desperately that I could blink the 3,000 miles distance and be at your side. So much love,

  4. So your surgery is behind you and pretty much the cancer too. That's so great. My friend Juliette with the Triple Negative cancer has received a 100% cancer free diagnosis and is off to Israel Sunday for 5 weeks of radiation, just in case. You guys are totally in sync. Love you honey and here's to fast healing. Missy