Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Jon here:  surgery yesterday was successful.  Double asectomy, two implants, lymph nodes on her rightw side removed, port removed and four drains put in which will be in for a week to ten days.  Laura is tired and in some pain but doing very well.  Both surgeons stopped by this morning and are happy with how she looks and is doing.  She has two drains on either side of her that need draining and measuring the discharge every four to six hours so Ani and I will something to do.  We will be discharged around one today and make our way back to astoria...  Our niece Rose is planning on coming this morning for a visit which will be nice.  Thanks for the well wishes and music played on the radio for Lu!


  1. Thank God it is over, and you are on the way.
    Laura, you are really strong and amazing.

  2. Yes, Laura!


  3. Phew, this part is over. I am glad that you are now home and on recovering. We're continuing to think of you!
    Love, Audrey

  4. Hope you are feeling better each day! Will be watching for updates.

    Love you! Lauren