Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A long list

I had my fourth chemo today.  It feels like it will eventually end and I will move on to another phase of this bizarre journey.  Dr. Raish thinks everything is going along very smoothly.

In the next month I will have another echocardiogram (apparently I need these after every four doses of Herceptin, of which there are 13 more).  I will see a geneticist, I will have scans and see the surgeon, Dr. Garreau.  I will see the plastic surgeon.  I will have a shot of Neulasta tomorrow to grow white blood cells, I will have blood work and another chemo.

Tragic news.  I am done with four seasons of Mad Men.  I think season 5 is in progress so it will be a while before I get back to it. Tragic, tragic, tragic.  I got disc 1 of Homeland at the video store today.  Unfortunately it is not on Netflix on demand so I will have to be more organized to watch it.  I went there to get Season 2 of Downton Abbey (also not on demand).  It is, however, in demand with the locals so it wasn't there.  If any of you loyal readers know of a great show that is on demand Netflix that is a much easier way for me to watch stuff.  However, I am happy also to support my local, independent video store so this is not a bad thing I guess.

As shitty as my situation is, I am realizing there are people in much, much shittier situations.  So, I am trying not to whine a lot.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.  It is easier to whine in the privacy of my house, so Jon might have a different experience of my attitude.  Still, as far as getting cancer if a person got their pick of them this is a pretty straightforward one to deal with, and for that I am grateful.


  1. I've been enjoying "Call the midwife". You can access the first few through the PBS website, I think the first season is available till December. It's a show about midwives somewhere in a country where they speak funny English and ride bikes a lot before TV. I watch it when I'm spinning on my bike, so depending on which interval I'm in, I pay more or less attention..._Julia

  2. You might also enjoy The Good Wife, an ace TV series about lawyers, available at Video Horizons and Netflix. The House of Elliott is also a good historical drama, available on netflix, not sure if it's on demand. Justified is good as well, available at Video Horizons. You might enjoy Deadwood, also at video Horizons, especially if you look at the documentary about how the director chose the scatological language--every other word is 'fuck' or 'cocksucker', and he has a legitimate reason for this. It's Shakespearean, really. there's also The Sopranos, which is great, if you haven't seen it. And Six Feet Under.

    Looking forward to 'Call the Midwife', especially after hearing Lesley Page, president of the Royal College of Midwives and inspiring thinker, speak at a recent primal birth conference.

    Thanks for the updates, Laura--


    Sue S


  3. Laura,

    When I was recovering from my breast cancer surgery, I watched the entire "Six Feet Under" series and absolutely loved it! It's very dark, morbid, shocking, touching, and often downright hilarious. I immediately became hooked, and each episode drew me in so much that I actually stopped thinking for a few minutes about my discomfort from the surgery, my fear of my upcoming chemotherapy, Neulasta shots, expansion sessions as part of my reconstruction, and every other worry swirling through my head. To this day, "Six Feet Under" remains my absolute favorite series. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely think about giving it a try!



  4. You're such a good writer; I love your juxtaposition of what outsiders might call "tragedy" -- the routines of cancer -- and your definition -- the end of "Mad Men." Reality is created, isn't it?

    Connor and I are watching (the 2005-11 version of) "Battlestar Gallactica". Andrew has already seen them all, and is watching them again. I think they're streamable. I think of you while watching sometime, as a major character has cancer, which affects her in interesting ways (no spoilers here!). This is only one of many intertwined stories, though, so it still definitely qualifies as escapism.

    I appreciate some escapism. I've been feeling terrible at my students' collective inability to read critically, specifically, to summarize correctly. When I watch BG, though, I can feel better -- the last of the human race will not perish due to faulty summaries! Critical reading is pretty important, though... I'm still a little nervous.

    Create the best reality you can, and thanks for your perspectives.
    Love, Audrey

  5. I second your friend, Sue's, recommendation of The Good Wife; it's very smart and well-acted...and gripping.
    Try the updated version of Upstairs Downstairs if you're a British period piece lover, as I am. (It's Masterpeice Theatre). Phone chat soon?