Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Me, seeing a plastic surgeon

Re: the title... Not something I ever imagined doing.  It is almost funny!  But we really 
liked Dr. Popowich, and this is the next thing to begin thinking about, or not, along the way.  
For now, the details might be a serious breach of way too much "TMI" but if you want them 
email me.  The Pearl Women's Center was the highest end doctor's office I have ever 
been in.  If you are Grey's Anatomy watchers, it was 
reminscent of Addison's trip to LA, with a Portland twist of course, and Deschutes 
Brewery and Powell's right on the block.  Both were utilized after the appointmnent.

For today, swim, make several pies, prep stuff for which there will be no oven space 
for the bulk of the day tomorrow.

Do not worry (if you were) about the erratic nature of the posts here.  It's just life, 
and each day is different.
It has been exciting though, in my brain compromised state, to get all the tv recs.  
Those should get me
through the rest of chemo, and maybe even into radiation!  

I've been meaning to thank, again, all the friends that have brought us food on the 
meal train.  It has been amazing and uplifting, in ways describable (like the food has 
been really phenomenal) and not (the   
effort our little, though bigger than I imagined, community, has made on our family's 
behalf). I hope my 
people are not in need of meal trains any time soon for reasons like mine - we are a bit 
beyond the 
new baby meal train stage - but if it happens I will be at your door with hot food.

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