Friday, November 23, 2012

This is a test

Blogger just does things, without my permission, like change my fonts and send the text out beyond the borders of the box.  Tim says, bla bla bla ipad platform bla bla blogspot bla platform bla bla not compatible bla bla bla.   At least, that is what I hear.  I am picky about fonts, lord knows why, something to control, so I need to post and see what blogger gives me.  If you are reading this, I could recommend some good books or magazine articles, as you must be incredibly bored to stay with me like this!

I believe we had an excellent meal and excellent pies last night.  I can't be completely sure because the food did not taste like much of anything to me.  I cooked and seasoned a lot of it, and I know I am a pretty good cook, but I found myself salting and salting again and hoping the rest of the table wasn't eating the same bland food I was.  I hope this lovely side effect goes away after chemo, that my taste buds aren't permanently dulled or dead.  It is no wonder I love eggs right now.  The texture is comforting, and their blandness is a triumphant quality of their perfection as a food.  Brownies are sweet enough to taste, and taste good.  Ice cream is adequate.  Lots of things taste pretty good if I salt them enough; potato chips are especially sublime.  I am a cook and an appreciator of food, and for the most part I can enjoy eating and rely on texture and memory to sustain my meals, but somehow the standard Thanksgiving fare last night did nothing for me.  My husband, children, and in-laws were adamant that the meal was spectacular, so I guess I'll just believe what they say.

I walked into Powell's the other day and, without blinking an eye, dropped money on three hard cover books.  It is pretty easy to spend money these days, on books, or a new couch, show tickets, or rockin' boots... Whatever.   I have talked to other people who, when in their cancer universes, had a pretty blase attitude about money spending, as in "it's just money..." I will leave it to Jon to keep track of when this gets too over the top, which for any that know both of us, is playing a dangerous game.  I am the usual cheapskate, the keeper of the money spending gate, and all bets are off with me right now.  I have to say though, it is really pretty fun, and will likely abate as my taste buds and hair begin to return.


  1. Laura, I promise you that your sense of taste will return once you're done with the chemo. I remember this terrible side effect all too well. The only thing that tasted good to me was macaroni and cheese: I swear that I had it for dinner almost every night for a while there. Even chocolate lost its taste for me. I remember that wonderful day when I again could taste chocolate--which was only topped by the first time I felt the wind blow through my newly grown hair! The latter is one of the happiest memories of my life--and I have kept my vow to myself to NEVER complain about a bad hair day again. You too will very soon be again enjoying your delicious cooking, feeling the wind blow through your hair, and making several new wonderful memories, I promise! With love,

  2. The Thanksgiving Dinner was one to give thanks for. I loved the stuffing especially - the best flavor that I had ever tested - must be because of the seasoning and the wonderful chicken stock.
    We had memorable food while with you!