Friday, September 7, 2012

Hi, I love my medical group. The scans are already done, and Dr. Garreau has already called. Mostly good news - bones all clean and organs all clean except one 4mm unknown spot in a lung. Dr. Garreau said that many people have random things in their bodies. it is likely a granuloma, which is a nothing. It would not be picked up on a pet scan and is likely too small to biopsy. If it is part of the cancer it will go away with the chemo that starts next week. If it does not change with chemo while the tumor in the breast shrinks then it is a granuloma and nothing to worry about. They may scan it later on but it does not change the plan and she thinks the scan news is very good news. I seem to be the only person involved that was sure my entire body had been overtaken by cancer. So my phantom tumor pains seem to be phantoms. Tomorrow the plan remains to have my ass kicked by Ani in the local mini triathlon, as I have been predicting, and I may force Tim to run a 5k race with me Sunday morning.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing how the race with yourself and with Ani goes tomorrow. Three cheers for you and Tim running on Sunday!