Thursday, September 20, 2012

New developments... Here is my resignation from the school board. After spending an entire week worrying about whether I would feel ok to navigate the meeting last night, whether the shitty headache would resurface under the flourescent lights during what was probably a long meeting, I decided I would resign and let the district find a replacement who could actually attend meetings and participate. I did (jokingly, sort of) ask only that I not be replaced by a marching band parent... He he.  

 Dear Craig and Astoria School District Board,

 In light of some health issues I need to resign my position on the board.  I do not feel confident that I can fulfill the duties of the position, including time commitments and the focus on issues necessary to be a full contributor, at this time.  I thank you for the opportunity and consider the last seven years to have been a privilege.


 Laura Snyder

Today was the first day I did not go for a run. I dragged out the door and walked three miles in running clothes finally around one. It would have been a good day for the pool to be open. Monday cannot come soon enough (the end of the annual two-week maintenance closure). I was reminded this afternoon from my inner fog that it would probably be helpful to start practicing yoga regularly again. I am curious to see if daily practice will alleviate some fatigue and soreness. It can't hurt, so why not?

 I can't reiterate enough how ready I am to be in the pool. I think my hair is starting to fall out slowly. It may be by this time next week. Ani and Tim said they will do the scissor part when it is time, and the expert poodle groomer Jon can take care of the rest. Oh, and I was told the headaches are likely a side effect of the killer pre-chemo anti-nausea i.v. All in all I guess I vote for headaches over hurling... P.S. Does anyone know how to make paragraphs in blogger? The mushing together of my paragraphs is getting super annoying and I can't seem to fix it. It shows as paragraphs now, while I am typing, then not in the final published form. No emergency, just a huge pet peeve.

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  1. I am sad about the school committee, but understand, especially those lights and headaches. I just can't function with a headache!

    Yes to yoga. Is there a yoga class going on 2-3 times a week. It might really help!