Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random cancer

I just returned from an easy and pleasurable 5 or so mile run, maybe just under. I've had my vitals taken countless times in the last couple of weeks. My blood pressure was its usual 100/60. My pulse was a respectable (I'm no Bjorn Borg, but still) 60 ish, and my oxygenation was 100%. The nurse was shocked by this and said she could not remember the last time she saw that. I am extremely fit, and have always been the one person in my house that doesn't catch the colds,cruds, and most of the flus, regardless of the fact that I don't get flu shots and have been taking immunosuppressants for RA for the last six years. And... I seem to have cancer. I don't know what the point of all this is, except that you just never fucking know what's next. I was shocked to find out, though not alltogether surprised, as so many people end up with it. All I can say is I am totally happy (if that is possible) that it is me and not one of my kids. Our friends and community have had far too much experience with this. There is nothing to compare and nothing as awful. And I'm happy it is a common breast cancer and not something rare and unstudied. That said, I am no pollyanna, and don't get me wrong - it sucks beyond belief. But there is nothing to do but deal with it.

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