Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hi, We went to Legacy Medical Center in Portland for a second opinion yesterday on the advice of a colleague of Jon's who just went through this same thing. We liked them a lot and have decided to stay with them. I don't know what I would do without my cousin Deb, who gave us a pretty good short course on how to choose a provider and we think this is a home run. (Deb, more on that later!) We are moving quickly into next phases, with scans tomorrow. The oncologist Dr. Garreau recommended comes to Astoria so I should be able to have my chemo out here, which will be easier. I see him on Wednesday next week. As much as each day it feels to me like I am growing fucking giant tumors all over me, Dr. Garreau said this week will not change anything medical going on inside me, and is not an unreasonable timeline for getting started. It's possible I will start chemo as soon as end of next week, probably for 4 months, every two weeks. The up side of the timeline is I get to do the little triathlon Ani and I are signed up for on Saturday. So she can still kick my ass, which is the prediction... After that, surgery and probably a boob job to top it all off at the end. Chemo first may eliminate the need for radiation if I'm lucky. So I am looking at dealing with this I'm guessing until at least next summer or maybe through next summer. You can check this any time and we thought it would be a lot easier to explain things once instead of spending hours on the phone and fishing for people's emails, which is what we have been doing so far. Feel free to call or email, or text. Email works best probably: lsnyder613 at Jon and I appreciate your support and love. I am not a person who likes attention. I never have been. So, this is a challenge on more levels than having fucking cancer, which is big enough, I guess. Love, Laura

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