Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jon Here:  The dinners from others have started!  Ani mentioned that at least it is great to get good food that I am not totally bored of and that you too cook all the time!!!  We are so appreciative of the kindness of our community for the wonderful dinners and it really is fun to eat food that we don't cook all the time!

Laura says her hair feels really strange.  Yesterday she said it felt dead and today she said it was just hanging there and she thinks it will fall off any day...  We see her medical oncologist tomorrow and look at her blood counts.  Hopefully they are good.  Laura's hope is to get a port put in before the next chemo but we will see.

If clouds made it feel like fall.  The relative quiet in the house is odd without that wretched bird.  Thanks to all for your positive thoughts and good wishes!

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