Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jon here: This morning Laura woke up and said,"you stink! I sure hope this isnt my new chemo nose..."

cancer- this is a word that wreaks havoc with us as humans.  It is the fight that many dont survive from, but our doctors and everything we read tells us that Laura will be fine cause the chemo is so dialed in.  The emotion vs. intellectual battle is crazy.  While I know in my soul that Laura will be fine, the sad puppy dog looks our friends give me reminds me that cancer is so scary.  It is so hard to talk about but for some reason I can hit the keys of the computer and say stuff like this... And now for something completely different:

We have been busy today.  I road my bike to town and friends to pick up soup from Ami and Jeremy as well as tons of veggies and a chicken for a magic broth that Jim drank and loved while doing chemotherapy.

Laura harvested a bunch of green beans and Ani snapped them and drove to the store for fresh dill and I processed them.  Here are pictures...

This is the web site for the magic Broth.  We added a whole chicken to the recipy like Terry said!  Dont know if it will show casue blogspot can be frustrating!

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